Hey everyone,

Esha/Double S here! I know it’s been a long time since I have written a post, so, sorry! Anyway, this post is going to be about inventing.

First of all, is there anything you would like to invent? Something that hasn’t been invented before? Do you want to be an inventor when you grow up?

Well, you can decide that for yourself, but today, in this post, I am posing one question. And that question is… If you could invent any animal what would it be? It can be a cross between a number of animals or just a completely unreal animal. It can be called whatever you want, and look like anything you want it to look like. I would probably invent a DoDaPhin, which would be a cross between a Dog, Panda and a Dolphin! It would have the head of a dog, body of a Panda and tail of a Dolphin.

Well, get creative is all I can say!

From the giggliest girl who cannot stop giggling once she starts,

Double S (Esha)

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